What Buyers Want In 2023

While this past year has been challenging in many ways, the housing market is still going strong. With mortgage rates staying about the same and inflation still being a concern, the housing industry continues to be competitive and advantageous to the seller. Even though the demand is still high, things have slowed down a bit allowing buyers to take a little more time to look around and compare homes. As a seller it’s important to know what people are looking for. In a post pandemic time the focus may have shifted a bit. Below are the top things buyers are looking for today.

Updated Kitchen And Bathrooms

A large kitchen with a spacious pantry and lots of cupboard space is highly desirable. A buyer wants to imagine themselves moving in and having plenty of space to store their items. If you have older counter tops, consider upgrading. Warm countertops and white cupboards continue to be popular to brighten and lighten a kitchen. Kitchens often can double as office space too so have plenty of countertops and create space to hide away appliances as much as possible. Bathrooms also need to be updated. A fresh coat of light colored paint, replacing old knobs and hardware fixtures and adding in bright light are all great ideas. These small inexpensive changes can quickly refresh and update your rooms.

Open Floor Plans

People of all ages have grown to love open floor plans. If you have a small, older home, consider knocking down a wall to open the space between the kitchen and living room. This creates more conversation flow that allows people to enjoy working in the kitchen while still being part of the conversation going on in the living room. You can also move furniture around to maximize the space and make things look bigger.

Flexible Living Space

Many cannot afford the high cost per square footage and instead are looking for how they can utilize smaller spaces creatively. A decent size closet can be turned into an office space by adding shelves and a desk. Make it your own creative space by adding a favorite paint color or wallpaper and bright lighting. With so many people working from home part time or full time, home offices are a hot commodity. If you have several bedrooms, stage one of them as an office. Add a desk, chair and lamp to allow a buyer to see the potential for a home office. Murphy beds have become popular as well. A bedroom by night and an office or extra living area by day.

Outdoor Living Area

Prior to the pandemic people may not have focused on this as much, but now many find outdoor living space a necessity in case of further restrictions or travel bans. Having a pool to exercise/relax in, a patio to serve dinner or a yard to run around and have friends visit are all things buyers are very interested in now more than ever. Buyers will offer higher prices on homes that already have existing pools or patios so they don’t have to deal with the headache and extra money and time involved to add these features after they move in.

Energy Efficiency

Having energy efficient lights or appliances, solar panels, smart thermostats or energy efficient windows are all great selling features. A buyer knows that these items may add to the price of the home but will save them money in the long run. Sharing details about how much money it has saved you monthly is also a great idea to share with potential buyers. They love seeing the money savings on paper. Paying $6000 more for a house that will save them $300/monthly lets them do the math and see the benefits of an energy efficient home.

Laundry Room

Having a laundry room is a big plus for many, especially first time buyers coming from apartments where they may have had to share laundry facilities. Extra space for ironing and clothes that will keep laundry from overflowing into your living room is worth the extra money to many. If you don’t have a designated laundry room, you may be able to turn a closet into a laundry room that can have doors closed to hide the extra baskets and clothing items. Stackable energy efficient washer and dryer combinations are perfect if you are tight on space. If you have more room, adding a sink and small counter space makes a laundry room every more desirable.

Garage Storage Space

Most buyers are looking for more space than their previous home, not less. When you’re looking to buy, as you walk into each room you imagine where you could store your stuff. If you have a big garage, you can make it more appealing by adding some built in shelves, a wall bike rack, some above head hanging storage shelves or even a work bench. The buyer will immediately be able to see potential and space where they can put their extra boxes and unused items.

Exterior Lighting

Having a well lit exterior is something more and more are rating high on their list of important things to have. Not only is it attractive from the outside to make your home feel more warm and welcoming, but a lit exterior also provides the added element of safety. Having warm lighting on a back patio creates a cozy place to entertain or enjoy an evening drink. If you don’t currently have exterior lighting, the nice thing is it isn’t too expensive to invest in some basic lighting. A few strands of lights across the back patio, a few solar powered lights along your driveway, or a couple of simple spotlights neatly placed around your yard all can make a big difference.

While our current economy may cause some items to be more or less sought after, the fundamental things that people are looking for in a home remain the same. New home buyers value the chance to upgrade from their last home, add space for growth, have increased functionality and enjoy safety and outdoor living space. Investing a little time and money to upgrade in these areas will increase your value and ensure your home remains competitive in today’s housing market.


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